About us


The operations of the GKB group were started in the year 1960.

GKB group started its operations in Goa (India) in the year 1981 with the flagship company “GKB OPHTHALMICS LTD.” for the manufacture of single vision glass ophthalmic lenses. The company was promoted by Mr. K.G. Gupta.

“GKB VISION LTD.” was started in the year 2000 in collaboration with “RATIO OPTICS Gmbh, Germany “for the manufacture of Bifocal glass ophthalmic lenses. Machinery and know how was imported from Germany. Right from the beginning the focus was on the export market. GKB has a widespread range in the glass ophthalmic lenses in white and photochromic material .

Glass progressive lenses were added to the product line soon after in the year 2002 in white and photochromic material.

Manufacturing of Bifocal glass Moulds, for export and for own requirements, was started in the year 2005. GKB Vision boasts of variety in range of Bifocal Moulds including Curve-top, Flat-top, Round Bifocals, Trifocals, Lenticulars, Aspheric, Aspheric lenticular and E-line (Executive).

Besides this , GKB Vision manufactures glass progressive moulds for its own requirement.

Over the years, GKB Vision along with conventional glass processing technologies, has acquired advanced technologies especially in Quality Control and developed some newer technologies in the process like marking/engraving for better cost effectiveness.

In next five years, GKB Vision is looking forward to consolidate markets in glass Bifocal sector with a thrust in glass progressives and a major enhancement in glass Mould sector.

GKB Vision Ltd. has three product lines; Bifocal lens, Progressive lens and Moulds, which are headed by a production and planning manager reporting to GM Operations. GKB Vision Ltd is also looking for new projects like forward integration into glass RX lens manufacturing in the year 2016


We believe that the knowledge, experience and talent of our employees; the wisdom of our strategy; the strength of our management team; the service & quality of our product define the success of our organization.

We aspire to be known as a company with the highest standards of ethical
conduct, an organization that people can trust – we believe in doing what
we say.
Our success is very much the result of our values which we constantly
reinforce and communicate to our employees, shareholders and clients.


To be a worldwide company in ophthalmic lenses, with a leading position in the Indian market.


Quality: Our primary focus is on quality. We need to ensure the lenses going out of our premises are the best quality that can be available to our
Customers: We do well only when our customers do well. Our customers have to be totally satisfied with our service and quality. All our efforts need to be directed to build a healthy relationship with our customers.
Brand building: We have to build public image, trust and pride to secure the competitive edge, thereby increasing overall market share.

KG Gupta


Gaurav Gupta


Shailesh Dharangutti

GM- Operations and Sales/Marketing